7th - 9th October, 2022


During our marathon you'll enjoy the best of Argentine Tango music.
Of course at some point there will be some other music,
as a cortina or a short cross-over-tanda.

For 2022 we have been able to engage the following DJs:

Claudia Ohde/Barcelona
Claudia only plays traditional tango of the golden era (with occasional excursions into the neighboring decades), as she loves this music for its musical richness and variety as much as a dancer as she does as a DJane.
We have come to appreciate her for her ability to capture the mood on the dance floor and find the right orchestra at the right moment.

Olivier Varlet/Paris
Olivier loves the music of the golden era and mixes in contemporary orchestras that stay in that style, emphasizing a good balance between rhythmic and more romantic sets.

Jamie Collier/Seattle
Jamie meticulously crafts each tanda, using popular hits as well as non-tango music, maintaining continuity so that you can adapt to her music from the first
note, but also sometimes get surprised by something that puts a smile on your face.

Fabiano Boretti/Berlin
Since as a chef Fabiano wouldn't cook anything for his guests that he doesn't like, as a DJ he wouldn't play anything that he doesn't like to hear either. That means there will be no Canaro Tanda when Fabiano is at the DJ booth. You will dance to a mix of the 20's-50's, with a few exceptions.

Bettina Beinker/Berlin

Bettina describes her style as dynamic, sometimes with a penchant for an extra dose of romance
or drama (depending on the time). She prefers to play young orchestras playing interpreting classical pieces.
Sometimes she inserts a non tango tanda and she likes dancing cortinas,
for which she selects Salsa, Swing, Standard Latin and Pop pieces.

Peggy Morschner/Paris
Peggy loves the traditional tangos of the Golden Era and mixes depending on that
Atmosphere from time to time the contemporary orchestras. She loves to choose the right Cortinas to create an invigorating and happy energy.

Andreas & Scarlett - Berlin/Hamburg
Your OrganizationTeam lets your feet smoke with a clear rhythmic structure of the best Tangos from almost every decade, always with an eye on the danceability and the Mood.
If you like, you can dance with this duo during the Cortinas in the different styles, while the others take a short break.