7th - 9th October, 2022  
  6th - 8 th October, 2023



Last year's marathon was very touching regarding the circumstances under which we came together. Another element of uncertainty has been added since the end of February. With regard to Corona, it may be that we have to meet requirements again in October. Furthermore, we cannot foresee the price development with regard to food prices, which can have an impact on the brunch.

During the organization we made an effort to offer you a beautiful location with one of the best floors in town, to select good DJs and to ensure a good start to the day with brunch. Of course Marion and Karl are there with their shoes and Dag with the camera. The mutual consideration and observance of the rules of the dance flow at the last marathon in Hamburg in 2021 were exemplary, we should maintain that in order to enable everyone to enjoy optimally. Let's create an unforgettable event together.

The price for the 2022 marathon ticket will be around € 120,- (note: there is no hot meal in the evening!)
All in the program specified meals are included as well as water, coffee and tea during the marathon.

As always, the location is this
Tango studio
el abrazo
Beerenweg 1d
22767 Hamburg-Bahrenfeld

(Note: the Leonardo Hotel directly in front of the Tangostudio can already be booked, but seems more expensive than the nh-Hotel Altona)

In case of cancellations we'll hand back the payed fee only, if someone other can be found instead! Please understand the charging of 15 € for this extra work.