6th - 8th October, 2023



When it comes to organization, we are not letting up on our efforts to pamper you as usual with the best dance floor in the city at el abrazo,
the delicious brunch, the varied, mostly classical tango music from the various DJs and even a large Tango orchestra.
Back at the party are Dag with his camera, Marion and Karl with their Tango shoes and Damir with the massage offer.

The price for the 2023 marathon ticket is € 120,- (note: there is no hot meal in the evening!)
All in the program specified meals are included as well as water, coffee and tea during the marathon.

As always, the location is this
el abrazo
Beerenweg 1d
22767 Hamburg-Bahrenfeld

Link to the venue on google maps

(Note: in addition to the nh Hotel, there is now also the Leonardo Hotel right in front of the Tangostudio.)

In case of cancellations we'll hand back the payed fee only, if someone other can be found instead! Please understand the charging of 15 € for this extra work.