MAY 11 - 13 2018
Thursday, 10 May 2018
This day is a holiday in Bavaria (Ascension Day), so it could be a good day to arrive early in Munich for a little vacation. Possibly, we could offer an excursion in Munich or its surroundings – if applicable, we will inform you about any possible activities here at a later time.
Friday, 11 May 2018
18 h
Admittance: The Marathon starts with the first tanda.
18-22 hrs DJane Scarlett von Boor
22 - 3 hrs DJ Andreas Lehrke


20 h
Dinner will be served. Of course you are free to dance on and eat the leftovers at a later time.
3 h
An evening and night full of dancing lies behind us. In nine hours the Marathon will continue.
Saturday, 12 May 2018
12 h
We start the new round off with a delicious brunch. Dance or eat, whatever takes your fancy.
12 - 16 hrs DJane Theresa Faus
16 - 20 hrs DJ Ralph Hangleiter
20 - 24 hrs DJane Flavia Cristaldo
24 - 4 hrs DJ Andreas Lehrke


16 h
Sweet pastries will be served at teatime,
along with tea and coffee.
20 h
Food again at last. Dinner is ready.
4 h
We are letting our legs rest.
Sunday, 13 May 2018
12 h Again, we will start off the day with a brunch.
12 - 15 hrs DJane Scarlett von Boor
15 - 18 hrs DJane Flavia Cristaldo
15 h Teatime again. Coffee, tea and sweet snacks are served.
18 h The 1. Queer Tango Marathon in Munich has come to an end.


D-Janes & D-James
Scarlett von Boor
has been part of the Hamburg tango scene for decades. She represents the conservative structure in which tango tandas alternate with tango-vals and milonga. Of course, interrupted by cortinas.
She plays mainly classical tangos of the 20s - 60s. Occasionally, she also sets up well danceable non- and electrotangos as cortina, so that all dancers get to enjoy themselves.
Following this concept lead to repeated invitations, e.g. to Berlin, Zurich, Stockholm, Buenos Aires - and now to Munich.

Andreas Lehrke
the Queer Tangoscene in Munich has been known him as a visiting teacher for some years. He also takes care of this website and the registrations for this marathon.
He is (co-) organizer of the Kuala-Lumpur Tango Festival and the Gothenburg Queer Tango Mini Festival and hosts the regular queer MilongAMIGÅ in Berlin, where he also lives and teaches.
In the classroom he tries to convey to his students clarity in the movement. When he plays music he chooses music with a clear rhythmic structure, which gives the dancers a solid framework for their dance interpretation.


Theresa Faus
She started to DJ in 2004, and founded her own milonga in 2005 in Munich, that takes place once a month under the name “Bailongo”.
When she plays music, she draws on the richness of the traditional tango music. Her stylistic focus is on subtle, sophisticated, sometimes cheeky music as opposed to bombastic, big drama stuff. This is her motto: Music that is upbeat but not hectic, calm but not monotonous, romantic but not overblown - music that gets directly into the feet!
She DJs in milongas and special events in many parts of Germany, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, and Buenos Aires.

Ralph Hangleiter
He is DJing in and outside of Germany since 2000. Most important for him is to fit the energy and mood of the music to the situation on the dance floor, so the evening is developing spontaneously. Mostly traditional in the tanda-format TTVTTM, he also plays neo tangos or non tangos. The main principle however is always that those songs are danceable. He sees the task of a DJ to entice the dancer to stay on the dance floor for the whole time while having a lot of fun.



Flavia Cristaldo
Flavia Cristaldo was born in La Boca/Buenos Aires. For a long time she gave her attention to Tango Argentino which became her profession. As a dancer and Tango teacher, she is travelling to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czechia, Italy, Japan and Germany. Exploration of the body, energy flow and creativity is the basis of her work.
She teaches to respect each other, to lead and to follow.
For love of Tango music and the Tango lyrics, she starts to collect compilations of the best DJs of Buenos Aires. This music she plays at international milongas.