MAY 11 - 13 2018

Southern Germany lacks a Queer Tango Marathon. Now the time has come.

We, the queer tango group of the dance section of the sports club Team München e.V., would like to cordially invite you to the 1. Queer Tango Marathon in Munich – the „cosmopolitan city with heart“.
The weekend from 11-13 May 2018 will be a celebration of queer tango. As customary at tango marathons, there will be a lot of dancing to great music and plenty of fine food. We are looking forward to exciting and eventful days and nights together in harmony, where we can get in touch with old acquaintances and find new friends.
Our marathon will take place at the best possible location. We are very happy that we found the ‘Kulturhaus Milbertshofen‘, a beautiful modern building with a spacious hall with parquet flooring and a gallery.
The Kulturhaus can easily be reached by metro line 2 (red line U2). Night buses are running to the city centre all night.
You will find our recommendations of accommodations in the sector LOCATIONS/MAP.

Join in and let us establish a Queer Tango Marathon in southern Germany!